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Coffee Conspiracy was founded in 2020 and is operated by Eddie Alaniz

With over 20 years experience in the coffee and retail space , He was growing increasingly tired of the corporate scene. Continuously searching for his exit strategy . When the Covid -19 pandemic first swept the World. He found his exit through a letter of separation being laid off from the Coffee Roaster he was working for. 

Taking the little savings he had and a couple unemployment checks, He took the bold leap of faith and started Coffee Conspiracy during California Lockdowns. While every business was forced to close. Eddie was just getting started. He had the idea of a coffee bike where he pedaled around the streets of Santa Cruz selling fresh nitro cold brew and coffee beans. Armed with a facemask and hand sanitizer he started hustling 7 days a week on the bike building a cult following of Co-Conspirators.

Launching as a multi-roast concept featuring Micro Roasters from around the country. The business model has evolved into Sourcing & Roasting his own coffee. As well as scaled into a full time Job for him and the small team behind the Conspiracy.